While exploring the large expanse of sand at Kalalau Beach this year, we stumbled upon a striking display of ephemeral art in a sea cave next to Honopu which exists only during the summer months at Kalalau.


During the summer season, ocean currents deposit a large expanse of sand on Kalalau Beach which allows you to walk to the sea cave next to Honopu.


Each winter, the surf reclaims the sandy beach and large waves obliterate everything in the cave.


Ephemeral art is impermanent by its very nature. They disintegrate, return to the earth, and remind us of the temporal quality of our very own existence.


The ephemeral art in the cave appear to be credit-less. Google searches have turned up nothing. To my knowledge no one has taken credit for the amazing art in the cave.


The hundreds of rocks precariously piled and balanced on each other appear to be impromptu pieces of artistic expression which I surmise are created by many visitors who contribute to the sculptures in the rock garden.


Photographs are the only permanent trace of the artwork’s transitory existence.


These precariously balanced pieces of rock art will be gone when the beach and cave are reclaimed by the winter surf.

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