I hiked to Ka’ena Point along the Mokuleia Coast to see the native plants and animals that live on the western-most tip of O’ahu.

Passing a series of coves and tide pools to reach the Natural Area Reserve, I came to the predator-free fence being built to protect nesting seabirds where I saw albatrosses, monk seals, humpback whales and a number of native plants that thrive at Ka’ena Point in the rainy season. Now that the migratory animals have returned for the winter, the next few months (December – March) is THE time to visit to Ka’ena Point.

Kaena Point from Mokuleia in the Rainy Season from Nate Yuen on Vimeo.

Music by Sonic Adventure – Water in Motion – under creative commons license


Native Hawaiian Plants, Department of Botany, University of Hawaii