Hawaii photograph

About Nathan Yuen

My photography is an outgrowth of my love for hiking to the wild remote places of Hawaii.  Each weekend you can find me hiking, backpacking or kayaking to out-of-the-way locations to photograph Hawaii’s native plants and animals, many of which are rare or endangered. 


My body of work is at the confluence of hiking, conservation, and fine art photography.  It is my goal to showcase the unique plants and animals that live at these places and give you a reason to protect them for future generations. 


I have been perfecting a technique to take multiple overlapping photos and reconstitute them into larger panoramic images.  This technique allows me to photograph sweeping landscapes that are difficult if not impossible to capture any other way. 

Although I love to photograph sweeping landscapes, my first love is taking close-up shots of small diminutive things I find on the trail that are easily overlooked. I love to zoom-in on the incredible beauty of flowers, insects and other amazing things I see on the trail.


My latest artistic endeavor is to chop up images to create multi-part abstract trios, quartets, and quintets.  Each part is a strong enough composition to stand-alone but they combine together with other parts to create a larger composition.  

My work is on year-round display the Tagami and Powell Fine Art Gallery in Kaneohe.  Click here to learn more.